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criminal law attorney killeen tx

Do you need a criminal law attorney?

It’s your right to have an attorney represent you in a court of law. I can:

  • File all motions and petitions accurately and on time.
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to help secure a favorable outcome.
  • Offer sound legal advice based on years of experience.

Try your case to a jury. If you’re facing a criminal law charge in Texple, TX, Killeen, TX or surrounding cities in Bell County, TX, call me today.


Facing Criminal Charges in Temple, TX?

Choose an experienced criminal defense attorney

I’m Steve Lee, Attorney At Law, and I’ve defended adults and juveniles charged with criminal offenses in the Temple, TX, Killeen, TX and the Bell County area. From criminal theft and drug crimes to DWI, I will defend your rights. As a criminal defense attorney, I can work with you to build a strong defense against your charges.

I’m a criminal law attorney who’ll share your side of the story. Call today to tell me about your case.

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Can Attorney Steve Lee help you, too?

I've been practicing criminal law in Temple, TX and Killeen, TX since 1990. In that time, I've defended clients charged with theft, DWIs and drug crimes. You'll find me in court 18 out of 20 work days every month, working hard to help my clients.

Don't face the judicial system without an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. Call my law firm today.