Juvenile Criminal Attorney in Temple, TX

Juvenile Criminal Attorney in Temple, TX

At Steve Lee Attorney At Law, I know that nothing is set in stone until the final gavel falls. As an experienced defense attorney in Temple, TX, it is my job it to make sure that my client’s rights are protected. Cases involving minors can be particularly complicated and emotionally charged, so you need a lawyer on your team who has knowledge as well as experience on their side. I have unique insights on cases involving minors in the legal system. I can represent my clients in the following types of common juvenile legal cases:

  • Juvenile Delinquency Cases
  • Juvenile Dependency Cases
  • Cases Involving Status Offenses


Rely On My Skill and Experience in Juvenile Law

I am ready to bring all of my resources to bear on the details and specifics of each particular case. This level of focus and attention allows us to ensure that every client is treated as a priority rather than simply a case file. Juvenile offenders deserve competent and caring representation, and that’s what I deliver. The results of this case can affect you or your loved one for many years, or even a lifetime. Make sure that your child’s best interests are represented.

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